Jim Yulman

Indictment Porn

The fear of Republican retribution in response to prosecution of Trump is, frankly, laughable.

Republicans have been exacting ‘retribution’ over every grievance the MAGA Lord can imagine. January 6. Attacks on the FBI. ‘Election reform.’ More to come — and it matters not what the DOJ does or does not do.

Republicans will not abuse the elimination of the filibuster because the Democrats got rid of it. They will eliminate it themselves as soon as they get a chance. The crocodile will eat you no matter how kind you’ve been.

We need to get over our addiction to Trump-indictment porn. The noise is distracting from real issues which must be settled this fall.

If Garland has a case. he must bring it — without fear or favor. In the meantime, Republicans are forcing 10-year-old rape victims to bear children.