These arrogant, smug frat boys had no interest in hearing anything but themselves at the “hearings”: They only wanted to capitalize on free television exposure so that Fox and ONAN (sic) could play soundbites from their white-grievance tirades — with the added visual appeal of showing that they were fighting to keep one of “them” from reaching the Supreme Court. (Early speculation that Justice Thomas’ recent illness was brought on by his shock that a Black person might be appointed to the Court has not been substantiated.)

I’d like to think that anyone watching Marsha (Home-Ec Major) Blackburn would instantly be repelled by her stupidity — but I also thought that people watching Trump rallies would recoil. (I don’t mean to suggest that her Home-Ec degree defines her fitness to determine judicial qualifications. In all fairness, she was also voted the “fourth alternate most beautiful” girl in her high school. Regrettably, I’m not making this up:

There came a time when the networks stopped covering Trump’s rallies live. These hearings obviously deserve public attention, but I wonder whether gavel-to-gavel coverage ought to be curtailed until substantive decorum is somehow restored to the proceedings.

All of this, I hope, is merely window-dressing. Unless Manchin defects, she will be confirmed — hopefully with a couple of Republican votes — and we can look forward to Justice Jackson’s long and distinguished service to our country.



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